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Caravan & Static Caravan Water Heaters


Pegaso Eco6 and pegaso Eco 11 frequently asked Questions


Check you are getting aftersales service?

Most companies sell you a product and offer no after sales service. You then call another company who you have not bought the product off to try and get help. Strangely you don't get the response you expected.

So its worth putting some money aside to tackle the problem, or buy the right product from the right company with the right level of customer service you require.

Customer service?

So what type of Customer service am I getting?

Is it UK based? why? An American supplier of Hot water systems to the UK has USA Based support policy which means you can only speak to them for a few Hours a day, UK Time.  

Fake & NON CE certified units on  Ebay/Amazon/internet

There will always be Fakes, Copies and units for sale below the correct price. Why? The safety features are missing form the unit is a common feature. A certificate is applied to one unit as a sample. Then it is produced by a different manufacturer without the expensive safety features. Even some now have FAKE CE safety certificates, or use ISO 9001 and claim thats a GAs CE Certificate. OR use the CE lettering however meaning China Export....which means NO Safety at all unless you have the correct tested certification. So for a Gas Product Check it is CE certified. 

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